Wonderful Woman Wednesday: Helena Lester-Card

Sassy World is a vibrant, fun, colourful and expressive online vintage shop created by UK based sassy babe, Helena. I’ve been following Helena for a while now on instagram and not only is she a major style inspiration but I also love the positive female oriented message she is putting out there.

She has the ability to pair the most colourful and excitingly unique pieces giving me strong Clueless meets Spice Girls with a splash of Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion, which was young Billie’s absolute style dream! Rainbow, glitter, faux fur and amazing op shop finds litter her feed but what accompanies them is a message of female empowerment. I caught up with Helena to discuss girl power, fashion and the creative group Confetti Crowd that she belongs to.


Hi Helena, thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to answer these questions for me! So just to begin, for those who don’t know who you are and what Confetti Crowd is, could you please explain that for them?

Hey girl! It’s my pleasure, thank you for asking me 😀
So Confetti Crowd is group of 4 colourful, career-driven girls in their 20s who are all self employed and running our own businesses in the creative industry. During our time together as a group we have grown to be best friends and want to share our sisterhood journey as well aiming to empower and encourage females across the globe to be ambitious and more confident in themselves. As well as sharing the rainbow fashun vibes too of course!


I know that individually the four of you have your own talents, careers and passions that you’re pursuing but how exactly did Confetti Crowd form?

We all sort of knew of each other through blogging and bumped into each other at blog events etc but Confetti Crowd was actually Heidi’s idea. Lulu was interning at a brand and got me and Heidi in together for a colourful shoot. Whilst we were shooting Heidi told us she had this idea to get together a few of her fave bloggers and create a joint blog/website and asked me and Lulu if we were up for joining. Of course we were like erm hell yeah! We felt that bloggers who were less mainstream and more eccentric didn’t tend to do so well so we thought lets unite and be stronger as a group! It’s been a whirlwind ever since and has grown to be bigger than we ever expected.


For those who look at what you do and may try to follow in your footsteps could you please explain what exactly goes on behind the scenes of an average day when the four of you are together?

At the moment we all live in different areas but we usually meet in London at least once a week. We go to meetings with brands to discuss potential collaborations, we shoot some outfits for our website/social media and we usually have sleepovers at Heidi’s pad where we sometimes film and then have some confetti fun (PARTY TIME!). But it really varies and depends on what campaigns we have going on!

I think it’s silly when people say fashion is something shallow and vapid, when really it is a tool that gives people confidence to be themselves and express who they are. Do you have any tips for those who are struggling to express themselves through their clothing but are trying to get out of their comfort zone?

I totally agree! I think first of all it’s to try and teach yourself to care less about what others think. I used to worry about wearing certain things in case people thought I looked silly but as I grow older I give wayyyyy less shits. Remember we are just tiny little beans in a gigantic universe living out a short time on Earth so why does it really matter if Sally down the street thinks you look funny? Haha! All that matters is how you feel


And for those young people out there who see you as an inspiration and want to start working amongst the fashion industry and want to be a part of the world of content creation, do you have any advice?

It’s cliché AF but stay true to yourself. This industry is saturated so be you, be individual and unique to stand out!


Apart from the colourful clothing one of the main things that drew me to Confetti Crowd is that you guys have a focus on empowering and inspiring young women across the globe. What do you love about being a young woman today?

I love that the whole girl against girl thing that I experienced growing up is changing and that we are part of a movement that is coming together to end girl hate. There’s definitely a lot of room for improvement in this world but I love that women globally are coming together and standing up for our rights even more so now than ever.


What I love about Confetti Crowd but also your own brand Sassy World is that it plays homage to the girl power spirit of the 90s where girl groups like the Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child and TLC reigned supreme. Was this intentional?

I’m hugely nostalgic for the 90s so these inspirations kind of shine through naturally but I really loved the whole girl power vibe from girl bands in the 90s and I love that Confetti Crowd has been described as the modern day Spice Girls haha.


As women I believe it is important for us to pave the way for other women to live their lives to its full potential and I know that’s one of Confetti Crowd’s core beliefs. Do you think social media has made this and the notion of female empowerment more accessible?

Yes definitely! There’s always been women out there doing this but now social media makes it so much easier to spread the word. A single instagram post can get you feeling all types of way so it’s important to keep spreading the message, even if it inspires just one person, we are achieving our goals!


You have your own fashion brand Sassy World which I mentioned briefly. I know you started it as a university project where you wanted to empower women and encourage them to wear more sustainable clothing. Do you have any tips for those who might also want to start their own clothing brand?

Do lots of research! And also it’s similar to what I said earlier but be unique as you want to stand out amongst tons of other brands. I learnt a lot about starting my own business and the skills I needed to run it on my own at Uni but you don’t necessarily need to go to university to start your own brand.  You can teach yourself pretty much everything on the internet!


Now for some of the fun questions. If your bedroom caught on fire but you had time to save five items of clothing or accessories, what would they be?

My Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop crochet dress

Rainbow shaggy Saccharine Shrine coat

My £1 Louis Feraud pink girl boss suit

My Louis Feraud crazy and colourful printed three piece suit

Any pair of my No Basic Bombshell earrings!

That was tough!


If you had to pick between wearing faux fur, sequins or glitter for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Faux fur!


Finally, as we touched on earlier, Confetti Crowd wants to support women to reach their ambitious goals and to be proud of who they are. If there was one message that you wished young women could take away from you and Confetti Crowd, what would that be?

As hard as it can be, learn to truly love yourself for who you are and then you can conquer the world!


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