The Neverending Story

Young Billie loved anything magical and mystical as my world revolved around witches, fairies and anything that sparked my imagination. Family members would teach me about crystals, tarot cards and take me to abandoned castle like buildings with climbing vines and tell me to keep an eye out for fairies. They would spin me tales about enchanting mermaids and mischievous elves and read me mythical book after mythical book (my favourites were The Faraway Tree, Harry Potter and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe). When I revisit my childhood I view it through a magic and glitter filled lense.

The Neverending Story was one of my absolute favourite movies as a child. I had a huuuuge crush on Atreyu and Bastian and craved the adventures that they were able to experience. I was also absolutely obsessed with the Childlike Empress (aka Moon Child). I thought she was gorgeous, ethereal and killing the fashion game.  Moon Child appeared as if she was a delicate flower with her childlike appearance but she had the wisdom of age and was a powerful pacifist monarch who her kingdom adored. I feel like she’s a pretty kick ass icon!

Her whimsical demeanor translates to what she wears beautifully and her home is what dreams are made of. Her sheer white dress drapes across her shell bed throne, spread with pearlescent sheets as she sits in her ivory tower, wearing the pearl headdress that I’m sure nearly every young child wanted for themselves (at least I did).

I didn’t go out trying to recreate her appearance but when this sequinned top and stunning rainbow crown arrived in the mail I knew I had the perfect skirt to go with it and once it was all put together I was getting serious Moon Child vibes… Just with a bit more colour, a bigger smile and a bit of creative freedom. I love that inspiration can strike absolutely anywhere and that certain possessions or outfits can evoke certain memories and feelings.

The crown I’m wearing is from Michelle at Crystal Eclipse Crowns (this is her businesses instagram) and it’s honestly one of the most magical things I’ve owned! It’s called ‘Sarah’ and is made up of a variety of the most beautiful aura Quartz crystals. Each crown is named after a woman who has affected Michelle’s life for the better which I think is such an amazing idea!

Stay Sparkly,

Billie x


Top: Beginning Boutique

Skirt: True Violet

“He tried to remember Moon Child’s eyes, but was no longer able to. He was sure of only one thing: That her glance had passed through his eyes and down into his heart. He could still feel the burning trail it had left behind. That glance, he felt, was embedded in his heart, and there it glittered like a mysterious jewel. And in a strange and wonderful way it hurt.”


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