Another month is pretty much over… The first month of 2016, how scary is that? Soon my friends will be going back to uni and the reality of having finished my degree will hopefully set in. This is the first year of my life where I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, which provides a combination of excitement and terror.

The possibilities are endless which makes thing that much harder. Which country do I visit? Who do I visit? Do I leave the country at all? Do I find a full time job in my field? Do I do nothing at all? One thing is for sure though and that is that there’s no way I am spending the rest of the year working part time in retail. I just wish every day could be as nice a this one was – a smoothie bowl for brekky, trawling through market stalls with some gorgeous gals, burgers and wine for lunch and photos in alley ways.

This outfit reminds me of Marrakech, which is where I was this time last year. The deep purple skirt resembles the colour of the sunset hitting the already orange walls of the buildings and temples. I’m flooded with memories of my friend and I sitting on the rooftop of a cafe that overlooked the bustling markets below, watching the sun hitting everything in its path, drinking deliciously sweet Moroccan tea and listening to the call to prayer. The pink top is similar to many of the amazing trinkets and treasures that can be found in the cramped, loud, intimidating, and yet amazing, souks in the old town centre. Marrakesh is an absolutely magical place and I hope I’ve kept a little bit of that magic.

I honestly believe fashion and how we dress ourselves is one of the best forms of escapism, transporting you to wherever you wish to be. We are given the opportunity to present different aspects of personalities, play with different characters and relay how we feel all through our clothes. Life would be so boring if we took our clothes seriously.

Where are you escaping to today?


Billie x



Top: Tree of Life; Skirt: @fred_bear on Instagram; Denim Jacket: Dotti; Bag: Market find


2 Responses to “Marrakech”

    • billieastridx

      Thank you! I am in love with your clothes and can’t wait to make my next purchase 🙂



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