Sugar, Baby, Honey

I personally think one of humans (many) faults is their fear that they’re not living life to the fullest. For me personally I’ve always been told by my parents, teachers, psychics, etc, that I am someone who wants to experience everything and that I want to experience it all right now. This leads me to feeling like I’m wasting my life away, which then leads me to being restless, agitated and anxious which then results in me doing nothing at all… which is just plain stupid.

I want to drink champagne on a boat travelling the Amalfi Coast, I want to backpack through untouched rainforests, I want to create art, camp in the middle of nowhere and not shower for weeks, party and mingle with people I don’t know… The idea of the typical ‘life’ stuff such as buy a house, get married, settle down, have a bog standard 9-5 job just doesn’t appeal to me.

Obviously the idea of stressing about not living your life to the fullest, which then results in you not living your life at all, is just ridiculous. Yes, you may not be where you envisioned yourself seven years ago but you’ve got to make your own fun for yourself. Besides, seven years ago I was 14 and who the heck knows what their life is going to provide for them at that age?!

I have only recently fully appreciated what greatness going to the markets can provide. What I love about clothes is that they can really transform who you are and help project yourself in a different light, which my latest trip to the markets helped me do. Although I tend to have a particular style, going to the markets helped me escape from who I am on your average 9-5 day and helped me pick an outfit that I would wear but not necessarily on a day to day basis. An outfit that could get me out of my own head, ignore my own pressure and create a new character. A character that doesn’t give into her thoughts of “but you should be rich and successful by now!!!”.

A character that I like to call “An ice cold sugar baby who has killed her sugar daddy, has inherited all his money and has gotten away with it completely”. So what I haven’t made my first million yet (which I had hoped when I was eight), I’ve just inherited my first million!!!! And that’s almost just as good!!!!

Billie x



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