I wasn’t going to publish another blog post as soon as I have but after the death of David Bowie on the 11th of this month I felt the strong need to.

Grief is a funny thing and it’s odd to think that someone who you have never met can have such a strong impact on you, which David did for me. My parents grew up with his music and so did I. I’ve been super lucky to have parents who have had amazing taste in music and my music education started from a young age. I remember listening to The Smiths, Creedence Clearwater Revival, INXS, The Doors, David Bowie, Cher, The Clash, Pat Benatar… the list goes on… from a super young age. My house and family road trips have always been filled with music and these people, I believe, have had a lasting impression on me.

As someone who has always shown signs of creativity David Bowie was one of those people that without realising, nurtured my creative ideas and passions. He showed me that it was okay to be crazy and wacky and that it was my job to express myself however I bloody wanted. After all, he was the original weirdo.

He’s taught us that art is experimental, to not care what other people think about you and to basically (excuse my language) do whatever the fuck you want. As I sit here typing this, listening to his greatest hits, memories of moments his music has impacted me fill my mind. Whenever I felt a little lonely I would listen to Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide, with lyrics such as:

Oh no love! you’re not alone
No matter what or who you’ve been
No matter when or where you’ve seen
All the knives seem to lacerate your brain
I’ve had my share, I’ll help you with the pain
You’re not alone

Moments when I felt disheartened by human existence and needed a song to help me wallow in my teenage angst I would listen to Changes:

And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds 
Are immune to your consultations 
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through

Days that I needed to feel somewhat invincible I would listen to Heroes:

We can beat them, just for one day
We can be Heroes, just for one day

My heart is actually really heavy that he’s passed away but we have to remember that we’re lucky we were able to experience someone as revolutionary and forward thinking as David Bowie. Although he’s gone, his music will live on and to keep his legacy alive we need to live each day with a little bit of magic, theatrics and splendour, just like he did.

It is our job to continue breaking down creative doors and expanding people’s idea of art, music, passion and life. I know that I vow to live as flamboyantly as I possibly can while doing my part to further the creative arts.

RIP David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, The Thin White Duke, the Goblin King and a man who I saw myself in. Thank you for injecting the world with so much colour and love.

I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring. – David Bowie

I’m an instant star. Just add water and stir. – David Bowie


Billie x



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